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Packaging Design for Gérard Bertrand

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In collaboration with Emma Bertrand, Creative Director of the brand, we created the new visual identity of Change, a wine range for GérardBertrand.

Attached to preserving biodiversity and wine landscapes, Gérard Bertrand is constantly reaching out to winemakers to convert them to organic farming. Beyond the pleasure of this intense and fruity wine, choosing Change is a civic act that supports committed wine farmers.

Gérard Bertrand wished to enhance the value of the wine range by highlighting the organic expertise of committed winemakers to move away from the current and minimalist aesthetic while maintaining its premium positioning. The objective is to refocus attention on natural wines with a strong message, a more engaging graphic design, and breakthrough visual codes. 








This new visual identity should reflect this wine's commitment, enhance farmers' approach, engage consumers towards change, and reflect the authenticity of this wine of excellence, without artifice, closer to the essential and the terroir. 

By combining the hand of man and wildflowers, the illustrations are handmade by the Studio to express the commitment and strength of this wine. Through an involved gesture, the hand, the actress of this movement, the hand of the farmer, and the meeting with this wild nature... almost mystical. 

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